Video tutorial: How to build your own garden pond

Video tutorial: How to build your own garden pond

In a previous article, we’ve shown you ways you can make your garden more wildlife friendly. Another fantastic way to attract all sorts of wildlife to your garden is to build your own pond.

It’s a fantastic way to create a habitat for insects and other creatures. A pond is a haven for newts, dragonflies, frogs and tadpoles and it’s simpler to build than you imagine. You can use resources found lying around the house to create the perfect pond.

A few old washing up bowls or buckets, logs, stones, pebbles, bricks can all be used to build up your pond as well as some weeds and plants that are already in your garden.

Watch the video below to see how Lottie makes her own garden pond. She takes you through step by step to show you how you can make it an ideal habitat.


YouTube video


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