We’ve got a new podcast!

We’ve got a new podcast!

Just a quick one from us today, as we’d like to share our new podcast with you. As you know, we’re passionate about helping people connect with nature. Our podcast is another way that we can share some of what we’ve learned about taking care of the natural world and how it can benefit our visitors’ health and wellbeing.

We’ve got plenty to talk about – with a real focus on how our staff use their expertise and experience to look after nature for the safety and enjoyment of our visitors. We’ll be chatting with some of our rangers and countryside experts, plus volunteers, guests from partner organisations and notable figures within the nature, conversation and wellbeing sectors. And we’ll be recording at many of our sites so you can experience the great outdoors wherever you may be listening. Think of it as conversations in the countryside…

We’re starting off the podcast with a really exciting mini-series that we’re thrilled to share with you. We begin with a collection of bite-sized episodes that are all about using nature to help us ‘be present in the moment’. Mindfulness 101, if you will. These are brought to you by Jo Heath, a qualified mindfulness teacher, who also happens to be the head of our service! We’ve previously written about the benefits of nature on mental wellbeing here on our blog, so you’ll know we’re passionate about promoting positive mental wellness. That’s why we’re so excited to be launching our podcast with our ‘Mindfulness with Jo’ series.

For more, visit the podcast section of our website. Alternatively, you can find our podcast on your usual podcast provider platform. Make sure you subscribe, as that way you’ll never miss an episode. And if you know someone who might enjoy it too, why not share it with them? Just search ‘Looking After Nature’ to listen to the new Hampshire Countryside Service podcast.


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