Five simple ways you can help the environment today

Five simple ways you can help the environment today

Becoming more eco-friendly doesn’t always mean you have to make big lifestyle changes. There are loads of little things we can do each day to lessen our impact on the environment.  

Here is our list of five simple changes to make today to start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  

Cut out single-use plastic  

Single-use plastic is one of the most damaging materials to our environment. It’s often thrown away into landfill and very difficult to recycle.   

It’s not always easy to avoid single-use plastics, with many items packaged in plastic for convenience. But when you consider that even small changes can have an impact, just being more mindful of your plastic use can make a big difference.  

Simple changes like using a refillable water bottle or a coffee ‘keep cup’ instead of disposable alternatives can help to reduce the amount of plastic you’re throwing away.  

Check out our top ten tips for cutting plastic use.  


Find natural alternatives to commonly used items  

Did you know that more than 1.2 billion metres of single-use cling film is thrown away by households across Britain every year? That’s an awful lot of plastic waste!  

An alternative to using cling film is to buy or make beeswax wraps. They’re reusable and can be cut to the shape you need. They can also last up to a year so no more trips to the supermarket to buy cling film when you run out! 

Watch our handy video tutorial onto find out how you can make your own beeswax wraps.  


Consider your eating habits  

Meat accounts for almost 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production. It’s therefore easy to see why a meat heavy diet can influence the environment.   

Eating more sustainably does not have to mean having a meat-free diet. Reducing meat consumption is just one way to make your diet eco-friendlier. Other changes such as growing your own vegetables, creating a compost patch and ditching packaging on fruit can also help.  

Looking for inspiration on how to make your diet more sustainable? Take a look at our top tips for eating more sustainably. 


Plant a tree  

Planting a tree in your garden is an underrated method to improve your outdoor space. It provides benefits for the environment too. Trees help to clean our air and provide a food source for animals. They can also help to prevent flooding and keep soil full of nutrients.  

It might feel like an impossible task, but planting your own tree is actually quite easy – and there’s a tree to fit every size garden too.  

If you need some help, watch our video tutorial how to plant the perfect tree.  


Attract wildlife to your garden  

Making your garden more wildlife friendly can give pollinators a place to thrive. Pollinators help to keep our plants and trees healthy, from which we can reap the benefits such as improved air quality and a sustained food chain. 

Certain types of plant will attract more pollinators but simply leaving a wildflower patch to grow in your garden can create a hive of activity.  

Our post on how to make your garden more wildlife friendly can help you find out more. Also check out our guide to five common UK pollinators.  

If you have any eco-friendly habits that you’ve already adopted, we’d love to hear about them! Share your tips with us on social media. You can find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. 


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