How you can plant the perfect tree and why you should do it

How you can plant the perfect tree and why you should do it

Trees are often overlooked when it comes to selecting what to plant in your garden but they can be hugely beneficial for our environment and are simple to plant when done correctly. They can have a positive impact as a single tree in a garden or as a giant woodland. Here’s how you can plant your own and why you should do it.

Why should I plant trees?

We’re often told about the benefits for our environment that planting trees can have. Trees help filter carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere and can also provide a great habitat for many animals. As they grow, they absorb CO2 from our atmosphere and become big enough to attract more animals. For gardens, they can add colour, attract birds and provide shade in the summer. They also provide a food source for many caterpillars and can be a source of nectar and pollen for bees.

Where can I get a tree from?

Trees can be bought from local garden centres or tree suppliers. They can also be ordered online. The Woodland Trust has a wide range of tree saplings for sale. Each one comes with handy planting instructions and outlines its nature benefits. They often come as a small sapling or in a larger pot, both ready to be removed from their initial packaging to be planted.

Which tree is right for my garden?

What type of soil do you have in your garden? Some trees can thrive in all soils whereas others prefer sandy or acidic styles. You also need to consider the conditions of where the tree is going to be planted. Does the particular tree prefer damper conditions or to be in direct sunlight?

Good trees to consider planting in your garden are mountain ash, silver birch and field maple.

Where should I plant my tree?

Trees should planted at least 2m apart from each other. It’s also worth considering the size of the tree once it is fully grown so that it will not obstruct, or be obstructed by, any buildings. Don’t forget their roots can spread much further than their branches above.

I’ve heard of something called ash dieback. What is this?

Many ash trees in the UK are affected by a disease called ash dieback. This shouldn’t affect any new trees you may plant but is a wider issue across the country. To find out more, visit the Hampshire County Council webpage on the disease or watch our video.

How do I plant my tree and how do I look after it?

Check out the video below from Lottie to see how to plant the perfect tree and also the after care you should be providing any newly-planted saplings. Trees need a lot of water in their early stages and sometimes support from canes and a sheath. Also keep on eye on what is growing around it to make sure it is not competing with too many other plants for nutrients.

If you do have a go at planting your own, be sure to share photos of your trees with us on social media.


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